Site Moving (soonish)

There was a recent minor issue with my hosting company, which has made me seriously reconsider whether I want to keep paying for the subdomain address I’m using.  $5 a month is not a lot of money, but combined with some other monthly charges and a few other behind-the-scenes issues… I’m thinking that I may have other/better options.

It’s not like I have a readership that I’m worried about losing.  It’s not like I won’t happily migrate all my data elsewhere and put a redirect up.  Once I know where I’m going, I’ll update.

A new semester

Today starts another new term. I’m strangely not having the first-day-of-class jitters that I normally have. I wish I could attribute that to being exceptionally well-prepared, but in all honesty, that’s not me. I have four classes this term: 2 sections of Evolution and 2 of Cell Biology.  I’ve taught both courses before, so I feel fairly confident about that.

For some reason, I seem to get 8 AM classes.  I am NOT a morning person.  My first class was this morning–I managed!  We didn’t get into content yet, so it was an easy start.  I have only one more class today.

It also helps significantly that I have a new office, freshly cleaned and painted and I love what it looks like now.  I am planning to do a before-and-after tour on YouTube!  The new office space makes me feel relaxed and comfortable and like I finally really belong in my department, and it’s a wonderful thing.

I am happy.  It’s a weird feeling, but I’m adjusting.

The Breakfast Search: Revisits & Updates

Since we finished our primary search, we’ve been back to 3 places:

D’Cracked Egg (Chesapeake, VA): still great!  We ate there a couple of weeks ago.  Their normal pancakes are also really good.  The staff remembered us from our ONE prior visit.

Charlie’s Café (Norfolk, VA): very disappointed.  My omelet had asparagus and feta, and the asparagus was undercooked, full-length spears.  It was so oily I had about 3 Tbsp of oil in my plate.  Largely inedible.  Ric’s wasn’t as good either.

Shelton’s Big Grill (Virginia Beach, VA): still great!  We had lunch there last weekend (July 19) and the food was great.  The owner and the waitress both remembered us from our ONE prior visit as well.

The Breakfast Search, Parts 7-10

It’s been several months since I posted about our breakfast quest.  A lot has happened in that time!

We have tried several more restaurants.  I’ll try to take these in order:

Cafe M#7:  Next, we tried Café M in Norfolk.  Ric’s breakfast (his standard for this hunt) was perfectly cooked, but mine was overdone and dry. I ordered a special that day–a baked French toast thing. However, I have to say that EVERYTHING at Café M was homemade–including the bread.  I did not apparently save the receipt (this long?) but it was also one of the less expensive restaurants on our adventure; I think it was around $18. This one is definitely on our try-again list!

905CafeComposite #8 was 905 Café & Grill in Norfolk, VA.  This was absolutely THE WORST dining experience we’ve had.  It took forever to get our coffee, and it was undrinkable.  If you know me, you know I can drink sludge pretty happily, so this was not a good start.  It also took forever to get our food.  Our waitress was new, and they were busy (only 2 wait staff, and ours appeared to be the only one actually working).  But the food was horrible, too.  The best part of my breakfast was the fried green tomato, which tasted like it was cooked in the same oil that is used to fry the fish.  The potatoes were horribly undercooked in places and burnt in others.  Nothing was good, and neither Ric nor I finished our small serving sizes.  Furthermore, it was the most expensive breakfast we’ve had at about $24 (again, receipt missing).  I was actually appalled that we had to pay for that.   I do not ever want to eat there again.  This place was so bad it actually set a new low-bar.

Shelton's Big Grill#9: Shelton’s  Big Grill.  This restaurant wasn’t on our original list of places we wanted to try–it was an impulse.  It turned out to be one of the best breakfasts we’ve had!  It’s located in Virginia Beach.  Ric’s food was cooked perfectly and very tasty.  The French toast was so good I didn’t even add syrup!  The place had a friendly, beachy vibe and was fun and comfortable.  It’s your classic diner.  The total wasn’t bad here, either–I think it was just under $20, and there is a 5% discount if you pay cash (which we did).  We were really impressed!

[photo not available; unplanned] #10: Newtowne Inn in Virginia Beach.  This was actually not our normal pattern; we went out on a Sunday instead of Saturday.  We originally planned to go to Denny’s, but they were packed (no parking), and we had spotted this little hole in the wall on our way, so we backtracked and tried it.  “Hole in the Wall” should be taken literally–it was a dive bar!  Undaunted, we ordered breakfast anyway.  Ric had his standard, and I got an omelet with ham, peppers, and onions (and cheese).  We were really surprised that the food was actually pretty good!  We didn’t think to take pictures–sorry.  It also was reasonably priced at about $20.

We wanted to try at least 10 places that we hadn’t been to before that were local.  We’ve accomplished that.  We may still experiment and visit some more places, and we have a few on the revisit/re-assess list.



The Breakfast Search, Part 6

Are we really up to 6 weeks’ worth of restaurants?   It’s starting to feel like a lot of work.  Today we went out to Chesapeake to try D’ Cracked Egg.  Ric had heard good things about it from his coworkers and it was his turn to pick the restaurant!  We do have a limit to how far we’re willing to go for breakfast–we have to be able to drive there in about 20 minutes.  I am not a patient morning person.  Just ask anyone.

There were a few tables filled, but there was plenty of space and it wasn’t crowded or noisy.  The restaurant itself was small, but clean and bright.  The coffee was good.  That’s usually a reasonable start to things.

He ordered the breakfast combo, with scrambled eggs, toast, link sausage, and hash browns.  They were quite willing to substitute the hash browns for grits–and that’s good; I’ve never seen Ric eat grits!

I opted for their sweet potato pancake combo, which came with two eggs, bacon, grits, and three large sweet potato pancakes…

It was a LOT of food, but the portion sizes were actually more reasonable than most of the places we’ve been.   The sweet potato pancakes smelled absolutely amazing and tasted as good as they smelled–but there were three of them!  I think I only ate about half.  My eggs were cooked perfectly (I like over-medium).  Ric said his were too, and so were his hash browns; the sausage was very good, and the toast was done on the grill, not in a toaster.   My grits were absolutely drowning in butter (which you can see, and it even sloshed on my leg), but that was pretty minor.

Overall, everything was great–the service and the food–and we’re definitely putting this way up on our list!  It’s kind of tied for 2nd with last week’s breakfast.

dCrackedEggCheckPrice-wise, this came out lower than expected, too, at $21.71.  My meal was $9.99 and was one of the most expensive options on the menu.  But, sweet potato pancakes!

I think it’s safe to say we’ll go back!



Trying New Things: is a meal delivery service.  You get to choose what you want to order.  I drooled over it for several weeks before I decided to try it… and my first box came yesterday!   I recorded an unboxing video before I stored everything for dinner last night…

Coffee Rubbed Steak with Roasted Pepper Panzanella

I was really happy with the minimal packaging, because I hate generating trash.  The cooking was really fun!  The recipe instructions were very simple and straightforward.  I rubbed the steaks in the morning so that they would have about 8 hours to absorb flavor (and  boy, did they).   I also put the steaks out to warm to room temp for a while before cooking (maybe an hour).  I had a wonderful time cooking the meal.  I think it took about 45 minutes, but I wasn’t timing that–I was simultaneously preparing some cookies for dessert, so they had my attention in there, too.

On to the most important part–how did it TASTE?   The steaks weren’t quite as tender as I would have liked, but the spice rub was fantastic!  We had so much panzanella that nobody made it through their “plate serving” sized portion.  It was really good too.  Personally, I would have preferred a bit more vinegar, but I wanted to make it as described without modifications.   Pity we had so much panzanella left.  I just ate it for my lunch today–and it was just as good!

Was it worth it?  Yes.  Absolutely.  The food quality was great.  I’ve had meals in restaurants that weren’t as good (and I paid more for them).  The portion size was… generous.  Yes, that’s a good word for “we got 6 meals off of a 4-plate order.”  The flavor was fantastic!  I did figure out that this would be very easy to replicate on my own–and I might.   In the meantime, we’re definitely going to use the service again and try some more meals!

The Breakfast Search, Part 5

Today is the 4th week we’ve managed to go out hunting for a good breakfast spot in Hampton Roads.  We tried Charlie’s Café on Granby Street.  The weather was lovely, so we actually sat outside (which is pretty much just the sidewalk on a fairly busy street).  It was really pleasant.

The coffee was Folgers, nothing special, but drinkable.CharliesCafe

Ric ordered the usual: scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage (patties), pancakes.

I ordered the Café Cristo omelet (I think that was the name), with turkey, onions, tomatoes, and swiss.  I opted for a biscuit as one of my sides and the homemade applesauce as my other side.  While the applesauce was quite good, the biscuit had a chewy texture that made me think it had been frozen.  The omelet was extremely fluffy and I couldn’t eat the whole thing!  The pancakes were okay–they were very pretty and smelled good but were more bland than I expected from the smell.

Overall, breakfast ran $22.57.  It was definitely the most pleasant breakfast experience that we’ve had so far, and we want to come back (already).